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January Blog with Heather Newman

Hello to 2022- or as we prefer, and you may see on our social media handles Happy #twentytwentytooth! The holidays may have come and gone, but traditions remain alive at Allen Family Dentistry.

Just as traditions continue, so does our expansion in growth. We began 2021 with three practices located in Athens, Bullard, and Palestine. Not only did we grow in the number of employees, but we also crushed most team and individual goals in the process.

At the beginning of 2022, Dr. Allen and Brittany Allen hosted and celebrated their annual success with all teams at The Nightingale in Athens, where we ate until we were stuffed and danced the night away. Always a great time! An added tradition this year included an Allen Family Dentistry Annual Awards ceremony which was another way they were able to show their gratitude for their employees. This was fun and definitely sparked the competitive nature in some of our employees if it was not already lit. Also, the teams met for training and were able to set new goals for 2022. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Each location is special in its own unique way, but we promise that you will find the same outstanding service and common dental philosophies shared between all 5 Dentists. We would love to see you as a patient and on our social media pages! Check out AFD locations on Facebook and Instagram for fun activities to engage with our crew and for a chance to win a prize! Here’s to 2022!


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