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Tooth Talk Tuesday with Heather Newman

We have survived the past 922 days of January and the winter ice allowed us to slide into February 2022. Some may know that February has a special place in our hearts since it is National Children’s Dental Health month, but it shares the month with some of our furry friends! Yes, that’s right, it is National Pet Dental Health month as well!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association it is most important for pet owners to have their animal’s teeth checked at least once a year to catch early signs of dental issues and to keep their mouths healthy. Dogs and cats share many of the same dental issues as their owners including broken teeth, infections, misalignment of teeth and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease in animals can lead to other organ failures if not treated. Did you know that by the time your pet is age 3 their chances of showing signs of periodontal issues are extremely high? Imagine if our toddlers presented with gum health issues on their first trip to the dental office?! We would be quite concerned about their oral health and should remember that it is equally important for our fur babies.

Almost all pet dental procedures are completed under general anesthesia to keep them still and to allow for vet and pet safety. Maintaining a healthy diet, daily brushing, and routine oral health exams are the main ways that we can prevent tooth decay in our children and our beloved pets. We hope that your pet has a veterinarian dental home and know that if you are in search of your family dental home that we have four Allen Family Dentistry locations with friendly smiles waiting to serve you!

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-Heather Newman, Bullard Office Manager

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