Same-Day Crowns in Athens, TX

Restore your tooth in just one visit.

One of our specialists creating a dental crown in a CEREC machine

What is CEREC®?

Someone creating a crown using a CEREC machine

CEREC® same-day crowns restore missing or broken teeth due to damage, decay, or a root canal. Our Athens, TX restorative and cosmetic dentistLearn more about our Athens office helps you regain your tooth structure and aesthetics in just one day.

The advanced CAD/CAM in-house technology creates your tooth replacement while you wait, so there’s no need for temporary crowns or multiple appointments. If you’re looking for a fast tooth restoration that doesn’t cut any corners on quality, CEREC® may be for you.

More Convenience, Quality Results

Are you experiencing a dental emergency with a broken tooth or crown, or ready to complete a tooth restoration? Save time without sacrificing quality with Allen Family Dentistry’sClick to go to the home page CEREC® same-day crowns and bridges.

A team member working with a CEREC machine
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CEREC® crowns are made in the office and take just one visit. Tooth loss or damage is stressful enough, which is why our Athens dentist offers an easy way to replace your missing or broken tooth in one day.

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Your dental crown is made using high-quality materials for a natural, life-like appearance. Each restoration is custom-made to seamlessly blend into your existing smile and match your tooth color.

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We use CEREC® same-day crowns in Athens, TX to fix broken or missing teeth, or complete a root canal, dental implant, or bridge procedure. Eat, speak, and smile with confidence with our long-lasting tooth restorations.

One of our specialists using a CEREC machine

Same-Day Dentistry

How is it possible?

One appointment with three easy steps gets you in and out of the dental office faster. We’re equipped with the technology and expertise to create and place your restoration in just one visit.

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Digital Imaging

Get a CEREC® crown in Athens, TX, by scheduling a consultation where we’ll determine if we can fix your tooth or broken crown the same day. At this appointment, our dentist completes an exam, preps your teeth, and takes a digital 3D scan of your mouth.

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We use your digital scan for our CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) milling machine. This machine uses CAD/CAM technology to create your custom crown with precision and quality. Every restoration is custom-made for your perfect shape, size, and tooth color.

An icon of a crown being placed on a tooth
On-Site Lab

Our dentist uses the on-site lab to quickly craft the crown in-house and place it over your prepped tooth or implant. This way, you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments, take extra time off from work, or wear uncomfortable temporary crowns. Regain your tooth function and appearance the same day!

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