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Learn how tooth removal could save your smile.

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Extractions: What Is Involved?

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Dental extractions safely remove a tooth to improve oral health. They may be necessary if there’s damage, decay, infection, advanced gum disease, or an orthodontic treatment requiring teeth removal.

Our Athens, TX dentistLearn more about our Athens office gently pulls the tooth and offers two types of extractions based on your needs. A simple extraction has no bone removal, while a surgical extraction includes some of the bone. If you’ve been advised to extract a tooth or multiple teeth, then know you’re in good hands with our comfortable, painless extractions.

Why Might You Need a Tooth Removed?

Sometimes, a dental extraction is the only way to make room for straight teeth, stop tooth pain, or eliminate an infection. Allen Family DentistryClick to go to the home page helps you look and feel your best with a healthy and functional smile.

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A dental extraction removes a tooth but saves your overall health. Therefore, we only pull teeth if necessary in cases of unnecessary or ill teeth, including severe infection, damage, or overcrowding.

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Pain Relief

Bothersome teeth beyond repair only hold you back from feeling and looking your best. Our dentist creates a plan to remove the painful tooth and offers recommendations for a natural-like restoration.

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We also perform teeth extractions in Athens, TX, to help patients prepare for orthodontic treatment. For example, in cases of crowding, a single tooth or multiple teeth may require removal to make room for a straight smile.

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Taking the Necessary Steps

A simple, painless procedure that provides big oral health benefits.

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Get a tooth extraction in Athens, TX, to improve your dental health. At the initial consultation, we examine your mouth and take an x-ray to plan out your treatment.

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We numb the extraction area and carefully remove the tooth or teeth. While you may feel slight pressure, our dentist ensures a quick and painless process from start to finish.

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After the tooth removal, we apply gauze or dissolving stitches to close the site and aid in healing. Follow-up care instructions are easy and we outline the best tooth replacement options too.

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