Tooth Extractions in Bullard, TX

Painlessly removing your tooth.

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Safe & Gentle Tooth Removal

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Dental extractions are a safe procedure to remove a tooth and improve oral health. However, they’re only completed if necessary in cases of decay, infection, damage, advanced gum disease, or preparation for orthodontic treatment.

Our Bullard, TX dentistLearn more about our Bullard office completes comfortable and painless teeth removals by gently pulling the tooth or multiple teeth. Based on your needs, we have two types of extractions available, including a simple extraction with no bone removal or a surgical extraction with some bone removal.

Saving Your Smile

A necessary dental extraction makes room for straight teeth, eliminates tooth pain, or removes an infection. Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page guides you to a healthy and functional smile, so you can look and feel your best.

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While a dental extraction pulls out the tooth, it helps save your overall health. We only remove teeth when absolutely needed in cases of unnecessary teeth, damage, severe infection, or overcrowding.

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Pain Relief

Bothersome or aching teeth that can’t be fixed only hold you back from looking and feeling your best. Our dentist reviews your unique situation to plan a tooth removal and a natural restoration to take its place.

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Our office also completes teeth extractions in Bullard, TX, for orthodontic treatment preparation. In cases of overcrowded teeth, we remove a single tooth or multiple teeth to make room for your straighter smile.

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How We Extract a Tooth

Our Bullard dentist makes it as comfortable and painless as possible.

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Tooth extraction in Bullard, TX, improves your oral health and overall health. It all begins with a simple consultation. Our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist first examines your dental health, mouth, and x-rays to plan out the best course of treatment.

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To complete your tooth removal, we numb the extraction site and prevent any pain. We then gently remove the required tooth or teeth, and you may feel slight pressure. It’s a quick and comfortable procedure.

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Once the tooth is taken out, we close the site by applying gauze or placing dissolving stitches. To aid in healing, we offer a follow-up care guide for ensuring comfort at home. Plus, we outline your tooth replacement options.

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