Same-Day Crowns in Palestine, TX

Explore how CEREC® can save your tooth.

Our Palestine, TX dentist creating dental crowns in a CEREC machine

CEREC® Crowns

Our CEREC milling machine

CEREC® crowns are tooth restorations completed in one dentist visit. They fix broken crowns, missing teeth, and broken teeth. In addition, crowns complete root canal and dental implant procedures. If you need to fix your tooth due to severe decay, infection, or injury, then we’re here to help.

Our Palestine, TX restorative and cosmetic dentistLearn more about our Palestine office creates crowns in one day using our in-office CAD/CAM technology. There’s no need for multiple visits or uncomfortable temporary crowns with same-day CEREC® in Palestine.

Quality Crowns without Compromise

Do you have a damaged tooth or crown dental emergency, or are you looking for a tooth restoration? Save time while preserving quality with CEREC® one-day crowns and bridges at Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page.

Our specialist working with a CEREC milling machine
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CEREC® crowns fix damaged and missing teeth in a single visit. Our Palestine dentist makes the custom tooth covers in our office and places them the same day.

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All of our dental crowns are custom, and we use a high-quality, sturdy material to ensure function. The restoration seamlessly blends with your other teeth because each crown is customized for size, shape, and color.

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CEREC® one-day crowns in Palestine, TX, combine beauty and function. The strong material and custom-fit let you eat your favorite foods and feel confident again.

Our specialist working with a CEREC milling machine

Placing a Same-Day Crown

We do everything in-house.

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Digital Imaging

CEREC® crowns in Palestine, TX, repair and restore teeth in one visit. At the consultation, we examine your mouth, prep your teeth, and take a digital scan. We use this 3D scan to create your perfectly matched tooth restoration.

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Our CEREC® milling machine (AKA Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) uses computer technology to create the crown. Your new tooth, made of high-quality materials, looks and feels completely natural.

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On-Site Lab

The in-house technology allows us to craft and place the crown in one visit. After fabrication, our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist places the CEREC® crown onto your prepped tooth, root canal, or dental implant. Enjoy your full, beautiful smile!

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