A tool that often comes highly recommended when playing sports is a mouthguard. Professional athletes are aware of the value of protecting their teeth and many can be seen wearing these guards. They can help us keep our teeth in their proper place in the event if we have an accident while out on the field or on the court. If you would like one of these protectors but want a more comfortable fit, you can take our custom mouthguards into consideration.

Many stores offer brands of mouthguards; however, these guards are often designed on a more generic basis. We all have unique structures to our mouths, and these guards may not always match up with our teeth because they are meant to be sold to a broad range of consumers.
Our custom mouthguards can be tailored to you specifically. Our dentists take impressions of your teeth so they can examine their outline and build the guard, so it fits more precisely. You will find that the mouthguard feels more comfortable to wear when you are out on the field or court.

We build the same custom mouthguards that professional athletes use. Even though these guards are custom and professional grade, you may be surprised at how affordable they are. If they can protect you from breaking a tooth or knocking a tooth out, they are invaluable!