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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

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Root canals help save severely decayed, broken, or damaged teeth with a safe and comfortable root canal therapy. Our Athens, TX restorative dentistLearn more about our Athens office uses anesthetics to remove the infection, seal the tooth, and protect your mouth’s structure. If you have severe tooth pain, prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, experience swelling of the gums, or have unexplained tooth discoloration, this procedure may be for you.

How Have Root Canals Changed?

Many people think root canals are painful, but they actually stop pain with little to no discomfort during the procedure. Don’t let a common misconception hold you back from experiencing the benefits of root canal therapy at Allen Family DentistryClick to go to the home page.

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Root canals are more comfortable than ever with modern anesthetics and improved techniques plus technology. We help ensure you feel comfortable during the treatment in-office and during the healing process at home.

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An infected or broken tooth may lead to tooth loss, which is more painful, costly, and inconvenient to treat. Eliminate your persistent toothache with a safe root canal, and help save your tooth in the process!

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We complete root canals in Athens, TX, to help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime plus improve their overall health. If left untreated, tooth decay may lead to serious health issues and the need to see a specialist.

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Fixing Your Tooth

The process is simple and painless.

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Get root canal therapy in Athens, TX, by scheduling your consultation. We’ll examine your tooth and x-rays to understand the decay and damage, plus plan your treatment. During this appointment, our dentist walks you through the process so you know what to expect.

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Remove Infection

On the day of treatment, we numb the area and thoroughly remove any decay in the tooth. Your root canal and pulp chamber receive a cleaning, drying, and medicine application if needed to clear up the infection.

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As a final step, our dentist packs the inside of the tooth with a build up. We will also attach a custom crown for support and structure so that your tooth stays healthy for life.

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