Root Canal Therapy

We put an end to tooth pain without adding to it.

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Root Canals: Save Your Tooth

Two of our assistants back to back

Root canals are necessary to save a tooth from severe infection and decay, and help stop unbearable tooth pain. Our restorative dentistLearn more about our Malakoff office performs root canal therapy using anesthetics, so you don’t feel any pain during treatment. We then safely remove any infection in the tooth, clean the area, and seal it.

Some signs you may need a root canal include extreme tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, gum swelling, and unexplained tooth staining. Don’t ignore the symptoms; let us help you restore your health and save your tooth!

Why You Need a Root Canal

Many people think root canal procedures cause pain, but they actually stop the pain with little to no discomfort during therapy. So don’t let a common myth stop you from getting the benefits of root canals at Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page.

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Your extreme tooth pain isn’t going away on its own, which is why you may need a root canal. Our dentist gives you relief with this treatment that’s safe and comfortable. We use gentle techniques and numbing agents for a comfortable root canal procedure.

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A broken, damaged, or infected tooth may lead to tooth loss and other health issues. Don’t risk losing your tooth function or full smile! Root canal therapy helps prevent more serious complications that may cost you more time and money in the long run.

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An untreated tooth infection may progress and lead to life-threatening health problems. Don’t ignore the symptoms and schedule a root canal consultation at any of our three locations today. Together, we can create a plan to fix and maintain your oral health for a lifetime.

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Getting a Root Canal

What you need to know.

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Root canals, in Athens, Bullard and Palestine, begin with a consultation to see which restorative dental treatment is best for you. Our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist reviews your symptoms, answers any questions, examines your mouth, and takes x-rays. At this appointment, we’ll discuss what to expect during treatment.

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Remove Infection

The day of treatment, we use an anesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort. To complete the root canal, we clean the affected area, remove the infection in the root canal and pulp chamber, and apply any medicine if needed. A complete cleaning eliminates the problem at the root.

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After cleaning and drying the tooth, our dentist completes the root canal with a filling. With extensive tooth damage, we also attach a custom crown, which is a tooth cover that protects the treated tooth and offers support for your mouth. Enjoy a pain-free and healthy smile!

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