Tooth Extractions

Save your smile by removing a tooth.

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Tooth Removal

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Dental extractions help preserve your oral health by removing an unhealthy or unnecessary tooth. It’s a safe procedure, and we only use it when needed in preparation for orthodontic treatment, advanced gum disease, tooth decay, infection, or severe damage.

Our family dentistsLearn more about our experts removes teeth with a quick, painless, and comfortable in-office procedure. We remove one or multiple teeth based on your needs and offer simple extractions (no bone removal) and surgical extractions (some removal of bone).

Why Do You Need an Extraction?

Experience the benefits of a dentist-recommended extraction:

Sometimes, a dental extraction may be the only option to make room for straight teeth, end tooth pain, or get rid of an infection. Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page is your partner for a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

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An extraction removes the bothersome tooth or teeth but preserves your overall health. Of course, we always strive to save your teeth, but a dental extraction may be necessary for overcrowding, severe damage, or deep infection.

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Pain Relief

Painful teeth that can no longer be fixed may require removal. In these cases, our dentist reviews all the options before taking out the tooth to give you the pain relief you deserve. We also offer tooth replacements right in our office.

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Our practice also helps you prep for orthodontics with teeth extractions. Sometimes overcrowding causes crooked and misaligned teeth, but we help remove the teeth you no longer need.

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Our Removal Process

Painless and precise tooth extractions at any of our three central offices.

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Tooth extractions, at our offices in Athens, Bullard and Palestine, help restore dental health and overall wellbeing. We start with an initial consultation to review your oral health, examine the mouth, and complete x-rays.

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The day of treatment, our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist numbs the tooth removal site to ensure a painless extraction. We gently pull the tooth, and you’ll only feel slight pressure. It’s a quick process from start to finish.

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After your dental extraction, we apply dissolving stitches or gauze to help the area heal. You’ll receive home care instructions and options for replacing your extracted tooth.

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