Same-Day Crowns - CEREC®

No need for goopy impressions or temporaries - just a quality restoration.

Creating a CEREC Crown

Same-Day Dentistry Has Arrived

Creating a CEREC Crown

CEREC® same-day crowns fix broken or missing teeth and damaged crowns. Whether it’s due to tooth decay, an injury, root canal procedure, or another cause, we’re here to help restore your smile.

Our restorative and cosmetic dentistLearn more about our dentists offers one-day crowns that fix your tooth’s function and aesthetics. There’s no need for multiple dentist visits or awkward temporary crowns because our in-office CAD/CAM technology crafts your new tooth cover while you wait. Get a quick restoration with CEREC®.

Innovation & Excellence

Are you ready for a tooth restoration or experiencing a dental emergency with a damaged crown or tooth? Save time without giving up quality with Allen Family Dentistry’sAllen Family Dentistry home page CEREC® one-day crowns and bridges.

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CEREC® crowns are made in one day to fix damaged teeth, missing teeth, or broken crowns. This means less time away from work, school, and your family. Our dentists restore teeth with the custom tooth covers made right in our offices.

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Our dental crowns are custom-made using long-lasting and high-quality materials. We program our machine to customize the crown for your perfect shape, size, and tooth color match. The results blend right in with your other teeth, so nobody has to know you’ve had dental work done.

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CEREC® same-day crowns are strong, so that you can eat your favorite foods and restore your oral health. They complete a dental implant or root canal procedure, plus repair broken or missing teeth in just one day. Get a functional tooth restoration quickly without cutting corners!

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CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

How does this modern technology work?

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Digital Imaging

CEREC® crowns, typically require just one appointment. First, schedule your crown consultation, and we’ll determine the best tooth restoration option. Then, we complete a thorough exam, prepare your mouth for treatment, and complete a digitized mouth scan.

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The 3D digital scan helps create your new crown. Using the CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) milling machine with CAD/CAM technology, we make a tooth replacement in our office. Each crown is high-quality and matches your tooth color, size, and shape.

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On-Site Lab

The on-site lab means we craft the crown and place it the same day. It’s great for emergency tooth repairs! Our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist attaches the CEREC® crown to your prepped tooth or implant and checks for fit and comfort. You’ll get your tooth appearance back along with the necessary function.

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