Root Canals in Bullard, TX

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Root Canal Treatment

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Root canals have the power to save broken, damaged, or decayed teeth with a comfortable and safe root canal procedure. Our Bullard, TX restorative dentistLearn more about our Bullard office performs root canal therapy with anesthetics for pain relief while we eliminate the infection, clean the tooth, and seal the area. If you’re suffering from a painful tooth, have temperature sensitivity, swollen gums, or have mysterious tooth discoloration, then this treatment may be for you.

Save Your Tooth

There’s a myth that root canals are painful. However, they actually stop the pain, and there’s little to no discomfort during treatment. Don’t let false information prevent you from experiencing root canal therapy benefits at Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page.

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Root canals are not painful, and our dentist uses anesthetics and gentle techniques to ensure a comfortable procedure. We let you know what to expect during treatment and guide you to healthy healing at home.

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A severely infected or broken tooth isn’t safe and may lead to tooth loss. To prevent more costly and inconvenient restorations in the future, our Bullard dentist offers root canals for a healthy mouth and full dental function.

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Untreated tooth infections may even lead to severe health problems that spread beyond the mouth. Our team completes root canals in Bullard, TX, to help patients of all ages keep their smile and oral health for a lifetime.

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Root Canal Therapy

How does it work?

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The first step to root canal therapy in Bullard, TX, is a consultation. We examine your tooth, complete x-rays, and review the extent of damage or decay. During this visit, our dentist plans the best treatment course and explains the whole process.

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Remove Infection

On the day of your root canal, we prevent any discomfort by numbing the treatment area and then eliminating the tooth infection. We clean, dry, and apply any required medicine to the root canal and the pulp chamber.

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Once we treat the infection, our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist fills the tooth. Based on the extent of your root canal therapy, we may complete the procedure with a custom crown that protects the tooth and offers support for eating and chewing.

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