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The Zoom! Difference

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Teeth whitening with Zoom! is the fastest and most affordable way to create a more beautiful smile. Our in-office professional whitening treatment brightens by several shades in just one visit, helping to eliminate yellow, brown, grey, or stained teeth. We also have take-home whitening kits available for bleaching at home.

Tooth discoloration happens due to lifestyle choices like smoking tobacco and drinking coffee or wine, but it also happens due to uncontrollable factors like aging, trauma, or illness. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and it’s an easy fix! If you’re dreaming of a white smile, then our Bullard, TX dentistLearn more about our Bullard office helps get you there.

Why Choose Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Professional Zoom! teeth whitening at the Allen Family Dentistry is the fastest and easiest way to improve the look of your smile. Feel more confident in just one visit.

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Zoom! teeth whitening in Bullard, TX, takes about one hour but whitens up to several shades. We prep your teeth, apply the solution, and use a special light to speed up the whitening process.

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Whitening strips, toothpastes, and other kits available in stores and online can be a hit or miss. The best way to whiten your teeth and get rid of stubborn stains is with the help of your local dentist.

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We customize every teeth bleaching treatment based on your needs, goals, time, and budget. In addition, we use safe in-office and home systems that minimize tooth or gum sensitivity.

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Our Whitening Solutions

Safe and effective cosmetic dentistry in Bullard, TX.

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Teeth whitening with Zoom! takes place in our office and is typically about one hour long. We use light-accelerated bleaching to achieve your ideal tooth color shade in just one visit. It’s the fastest and most powerful option.

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At-home whitening with the expertise of our Bullard, TX cosmetic dentistLearn more about our Bullard office helps you achieve your dream smile on your terms. We give you custom trays and peroxide gel along with instructions to whiten your teeth at home.

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When it’s time for a smile touch-up makeover, our dentists guide you with teeth whitening gel refills. Use them with your custom-fit trays to brighten your smile and refresh your appearance at home.

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