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Gentle Tooth Removal

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Dental extractions contribute to better oral and overall health with the removal of unnecessary or unhealthy teeth. Our Palestine, TX dentistLearn more about our Palestine office aims to preserve your natural teeth but may determine an extraction is necessary for severe tooth decay, gum disease, irreversible damage, or orthodontic preparation.

Whether it’s one tooth removal or multiple teeth, our office performs dental extractions with a safe, comfortable, and quick in-office procedure. Based on your needs, we perform surgical extractions with bone removal or simple extractions with no bone. We’re here for all of your dental health needs!

When an Extraction is Needed

Sometimes, a dental extraction is the best option for stopping tooth pain, eliminating an infection, or making room for straight teeth. Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page helps you create a healthy, functional, and attractive smile.

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Dental extractions help eliminate oral problems or prevent existing ones from getting worse. We remove ill, damaged, overcrowded, infected, or bothersome teeth to preserve your health and wellbeing. If untreated, a bad tooth may lead to more serious and expensive treatments down the road.

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Pain Relief

A tooth that hurts means it’s time to investigate your problem. Our dentistLearn more about our Our dentist examines your mouth to find the issue, and in some cases, tooth extraction is the best option for eliminating pain and health risk. We also offer in-office tooth restorations as a second step towards improved dental health.

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If your orthodontic treatment plan requires extraction to make room for straighter teeth, then we’re here to help. Typically, this is done for malocclusion caused by severe overcrowding. Teeth extractions in Palestine, TX, prepare the mouth for metal braces or clear aligners like Invisalign®.

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How We Extract Your Tooth

Our Palestine dentist ensures your comfort throughout.

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Step one of tooth extraction in Palestine, TX, is an exam where we review your mouth and take x-rays to determine the best treatment option. We’ll guide you towards better health if you have severe tooth decay, damage, or overcrowding.

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During the procedure, we numb the extraction site and gently remove the tooth. While you may feel slight pressure, the tooth removal process is safe, quick, and painless. Set your worries aside, knowing our experienced dentist puts your comfort first.

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Once we remove your tooth, we apply dissolving stitches or gauze to the site. Proper aftercare is a crucial final step for fast and comfortable healing. We walk you through the best options for replacing your tooth and the benefits of acting fast.

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