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TMJ treatments with a dentist help pinpoint the cause of your jaw pain to find an effective solution. If you have jaw pain, migraines, headaches, neck pain, and facial discomfort associated with TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), then we’re here to help.

Our Palestine, TX dentistLearn more about our Palestine office reviews your symptoms and x-rays to find the underlying cause of your discomfort and recommends one or multiple TMD treatments for pain relief. Common causes include stress, injury, arthritis, jaw misalignment, and teeth grinding (AKA bruxism). In addition, if you have a popping jaw, tenderness in the area, or frequent headaches, then contact us today.

TMJ Disorders: The Symptoms

TMJ treatment at the dentist has many benefits, but the biggest is the ability to get back to feeling like yourself. Allen Family DentistryAllen Family Dentistry home page works with you to find the best way to ease jaw discomfort.

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TMJ therapy guided by our dentist looks at the cause of your jaw discomfort to treat it. We do this by reviewing your range of motion, performing a comprehensive exam, and taking x-rays.

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Every TMJ therapy starts with the least invasive option to bring you pain relief and comfort. We may begin with lifestyle changes, home exercises, or an oral appliance before moving on to surgery as a last resort.

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Our TMJ treatments in Palestine, TX, aim to restore your proper mouth function. In turn, you’ll feel better and have the peace of mind you deserve. Some common triggers include stress, inflammation, and injury.

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Our Treatment Options

Identifying the cause and finding the right solution for you!

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Get TMD relief in Palestine, TX, with a dentist who cares and listens to all of your concerns. We start with a consultation to discuss what you’re feeling, plus look into your medical history and take x-rays. This way, we can create the best TMJ treatment plan for your immediate and long-term needs.

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Our dentistLearn more about our our dentist begins TMJ treatment with the least invasive and least expensive option. Treatment may include one or a series of the following: calming facial exercises, BOTOX® injections, orthodontics, custom oral appliances for teeth grinding, and jaw alignment surgery in extreme cases.

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Follow your dentist’s recommendations and come in for check-ups where we’ll analyze your progress. The jaw muscles and joints are complex, but we get to the source of the problem to find a treatment that works. Jaw pain relief may be closer than you think!

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