Allen dentists offer multiple treatment methods to improve appearance, function and oral health


A certified Lumineers® dentist, ultra-thin shells
Lumineers are ultra-thin prosthetic veneers, no thicker than a contact lens, digitally designed so they can be applied seamlessly over your teeth for a natural looking smile. This is why Lumineers has become the number one patient-requested veneer system in the world.

Highly translucent and durable, Lumineers can resist wear and remain resilient for more than 20 years. And, Allen dentists have been certified to meet their exacting standards. Two easy visits. No shots. And you have a brand new smile.


Straighten teeth without metal braces

Offering 3D digital technology, Invisalign is a transparent, plastic form of dental brace that can give you a smile you want, the way you want without cumbersome metal appliances.

Invisalign feels better because they fit better than other alignment systems. Thanks to innovative materials, the process is also 50% faster. And because of digital technology, Allen can deliver you a smile with greater predictability and control.

So, come in for a free assessment and see if Invisalign is for you.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Enjoy a natural appearance

Unfortunately, years of neglect, decay or trauma, fractures, or tooth grinding can take its toll on oral health. With the only way left to restore proper appearance and alignment is rebuilding and restoring a full mouth of teeth.

It is a complicated procedure. But one you can trust in the trained, hands of Allen dentists. Backed by modern 3D digital imaging, be assured of predictable results that will put a healthy smile back on your face. One that comes with a restored appearance, bite, and TMJ function.

Teeth Whitening

Much superior to off-the-shelf

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening with the expectation of professional results can be problematic. Awkward, uneven and uncertain off-the-shelf products can quickly turn a smile into a frown. But, we’re here to help.

From returning coffee and tobacco stained teeth to the underlying natural tooth shade or going Hollywood white, we have the technology and options to give you professional results. Options include custom trays, peroxide gels, and light-accelerated bleaching. But, it all starts with an honest, helpful conversation about the best choice for you.


Corrects minor dental flaws, gaps and shapes

Bonding is a simple treatment for those looking to improve teeth with minor dental flaws. It refers to the use of composite resin, a soft, tooth-colored plastic that is directly applied to the surface of damaged teeth. Composite resin is malleable when first spread, allowing Allen dentists to sculpt around your tooth to quickly hide imperfections.

Bonding can repair breaks and chips, cracks or fractures, irregular shapes, discoloration, wear, and gaps. Minimally invasive, the process is easy, often taking only one visit to complete.



Using advanced training and procedures, Allen dentists can restore your ability to chew and speak


Replace one or more missing teeth

Usually, a patient missing only one or two teeth so can be treated using a crown and a fixed implant. A bridge can be used to replace multiple teeth with crowns that connect using healthy natural teeth for support or by fixed implants that anchor in bone.

Following a comprehensive examination that considers the health of your jaw, gums, and natural teeth, Allen dentists will recommend the best solution based on your needs.


Enhance the aesthetics and function of your smile

Because traditional removable dentures promote bone loss and gum atrophy, a modern removable offers a worthwhile alternative. Options include complete or partial dentures built on locator abutments or more complex restorations with multiple implants using the Cones® system.

Conus is a palate-less and removable implant-supported denture. Cost effective and friction retained, it has with the feel and function of a fixed implant-retained prosthesis. A comprehensive exam can determine if it meets your needs.


Eliminate need for nightly denture removal

The All-on-Four system using screw-retained dentures to replace all teeth combines denture and implant technologies, thus a hybrid. It is also called a fixed/removable.

All-on-Four is a full denture on a titanium bar removable by our dentists for an annual cleaning. It offers the stability of a removable, but you don’t have to endure the ritual of nightly removal.  For best results, we recommend oral hygiene visits every six months.

3-D Scan

Less invasive, more accurate placement

Allen Family Dentistry uses this advanced digital technology for planning implant procedures. 3-D scans assure less invasive and more predictable implant placement.

In addition to being a reliable diagnostic tool with results you can view, our Galileos 3-D scan is one of the lowest dose radiation x-ray machines available in the world. It emits 80-100 times less radiation for less patient exposure.



Allen dentists are empowered by skill training and technology to ensure your care and comfort


Complete or partials to restore oral function

A denture may be the best solution for restoring oral health and function. Removable appliances, dentures come in two forms: complete and partial. Partials for those who are only missing some natural teeth. Full dentures for patients who have no natural teeth remaining.

We recommend dentures be anchored using dental implants. This method is more stable, secure, and natural-looking than traditional dentures. Titanium implants eventually fuse with the jaw, ensuring dentures won’t slip, slide, or fall out when speaking or eating.

Root Canals

Preserves teeth, improves oral health

At Allen Family Dentistry, we provide gentle, caring root canal therapy to restore significantly damaged or decayed teeth. With our modern techniques and materials, we are able to provide you with a pain-free experience that will improve your oral health.

Teeth with significant damage or decay may display any of these four symptoms (1) painful when you chew or when pressure is applied, (2) discolored, (3) sensitive to hot and cold, (4) swelling or tenderness in the nearby gums.

TMJ Treatments

Alleviates pain, discomfort, headaches

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders affect the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. Sufferers often experience pain, discomfort, jaw problems, migraine headaches, and earaches, among other symptoms.

TMJ disorders are often traced to six root causes (1) sleep or airway problems (2) stress, (3) teeth grinding and clenching, (4) arthritis, (5) illness or disease, or (6) bite misalignment. Based on your needs, our dentists will recommend specialized treatment that may include BOTOX® therapy, a special mouth guard, or oral surgery.


Amalgams or tooth-colored composites

A filling repairs and helps prevent further tooth decay by sealing openings where bacteria can enter. Dental practitioners have used metal fillings on teeth since the 19th century, but you can benefit from the modern advancements available at Allen Family Dentistry.

Depending on your specific needs, our dentists will recommend the best options from non-toxic metal amalgams, gold, porcelain, or tooth-colored composite resins. They and will review with you the pros and cons of cost, durability and cosmetic appeal.


A last resort to preserve oral health

Sometimes a tooth becomes so damaged or decayed that the best way to restore overall oral health is its removal or extraction. Other reasons for tooth extraction include high-risk infection, orthodontic treatment, or advanced gum disease.

We provide both simple extractions, when no bone is removed, and surgical extractions when some bone needs to be removed. Should that be necessary, our dentists perform the procedure with care and gentleness so that your discomfort is minimized.



Preserve and protect good whoe-body health with regular, pro-active dental care and oral hygiene

Airway/Sleep Apnea Therapy

Restore proper breathing

If you have sleep apnea and suffer from CPAP discomfort, a custom dental device may be the solution. This oral appliance is removable and worn while you sleep. Like a thick retainer, it attaches to your upper and lower arches. By design it brings the tongue and soft tissue forward, opening the airway, reducing snoring while increasing oxygen to the lungs.

Oral appliance therapy can effectively treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea. However, this serious medical condition should be addressed by a sleep medicine specialist.

Oral Cancer Screening

Avoid serious health risks

Allen hygienists and dentists carefully examine the soft tissues of the mouth, cheeks, and on the side and under the tongue. They will look for visual clues indicated by white spots, red spots or a combination. A tactical exam will also be made searching for lumps or hard places in the mouth and on the tongue.

If biopsies are necessary, Allen dentists can use a laser for soft tissue or brush for skin cell sample, then send to a lab for testing. If your examination warrants, you will be referred to an oral surgeon.

Oral Hygiene

Helps avoid cavities, gum disease

Regular professional dental exams are vital for the proper assessment, treatment, and maintenance of good oral health.

As part of every regular check-up at Allen Family Dentistry, a registered hygienist will carefully clean your teeth, polish to remove any remaining surface stains, screen for oral cancer, take annual diagnostic X-rays, and conclude with specific oral-hygiene instructions.

We encourage a disciplined daily routine of flossing and brushing and will gladly recommend the most effective methods.

Dental Cleaning

Remove plaque, calculus from teeth

Dental cleaning is vital in the treatment and prevention of periodontal (gum) disease commonly caused by plaque and calculus on and around the teeth. This accumulation leads to the deterioration of the teeth, gums, and jawbone. It is also linked to many serious health problems, including diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

To help you avoid these health risks, we offer non-surgical gum treatment. Our deep cleaning is designed to help treat and even reverse gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease.

Night and Mouth Guards

Protect teeth, relieve pain

To protect your teeth and oral health, we can create specialized protective devices. Night guards protect the teeth from bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. Custom-made for a comfortable fit, night guards, provide a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, effectively preventing further tooth damage, headaches, and jaw pain.

Mouth guards protect the teeth of those who play sports or other physical activities. Allen dentists recommend their use to avoid significant trauma and damage to mouth and teeth.


Smooth rough surface of back teeth

To help prevent tooth decay, Allen dentists may place dental sealants on the back teeth. A tooth-colored or clear plastic material, sealants are applied to chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay is most likely to occur.

By covering the pits and grooves of the back teeth, a sealant will block out food and germs that would usually collect there. Sealants also create a smooth surface over the tooth making it much easier to keep clean with daily flossing and brushing.


  • CEREC Same-Day Crowns – eliminates multiple visits

  • Galileos 3D Imaging – ensures more accurate treatment

  • Soft-Tissue Dental Lasers – less invasive gum surgery

  • Digital X-Rays – improves diagnosis, minimizes radiation

  • Intraoral Imaging – improves visibility, patient education

Overall very pleased with this practice. They’ve had 3 different dentists (a couple relocating for personal & career reasons) here since we started going to the Bullard office, and they have all been very friendly & capable. I haven’t felt rushed in this office which is great. We have tried other dental offices around Tyler that felt so rushed & stressed like everyone was double or triple booked, and that worries folks.
C.W. Reid
C.W. Reid
23:09 08 Aug 18
New to the Tyler area, I recently had my check up and cleaning and then a cavity filled by Dr Dennison and her team there. My experience during both visits was very good. The staff there is exceedingly engaging including the receptionist, hygienist, and, Dr Candice Dennison. During the procedure, Dr Dennison kept me informed of what was going on and continually checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable. Dr Dennison checked in with me a day later by phone to make sure i was doing well. It was a great experience and I recommend Bullard Family Dentistry without hesitation.
Joe Greco
Joe Greco
17:08 19 May 16
I felt very comfortable with everyone and also liked how they created goals to be done so that I do not have to spend a lot of money right at first. I would definitely recommend Bullard Family Dentistry to anyone.
Cyndy McCugh
Cyndy McCugh
17:32 12 Jun 17
Two recent experiences with Bullard Family Dentistry have been most satisfactory. One visit was to correct a problem. Excellent care resulted in an very good outcome. Good facilities and equipment, friendly competent employees, and a highly skilled dentist made our most recent visit a pleasant one. We are very pleased with the care we receive at Bullard Family Dentistry. Dr. Denison is a special young lady.Thank you Bullard Family Dentistry for a totally satisfactory experience from start to finish. We are well into our second year of care at that facility and we are looking forward to future visits.Art and Jan Vest
Janice Vest
Janice Vest
02:09 07 Sep 16
I’m so thankful I was referred to Dr. Allen! After many many years of neglect, he has finally got me where I am happy with my smile again. With his expertise and the outstanding staff he has surrounded himself with, this would be an excellent choice for your family dental care.
Claire Jolly
Claire Jolly
19:22 23 May 19
Having recently moved here, I've needed to find a new family dentist. I dragged my feet on it, as I've dreaded teeth cleanings for 15 years, believing that something had gone terribly awry in my body. I'd get a cleaning done and have pain for two solid months during every waking moment. To my great relief, Allen Family Dentistry has proven this to be entirely untrue. Megan cleaned my teeth with the utmost care, did a fabulous job, and THERE IS NO PAIN.NO PAIN!I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Two months of pain means high blood pressure and many other health problems with lack of sleep. Two months withOUT pain means relief, gratefulness beyond my ability to express in any words, and a sobbing acceptance that there really is nothing wrong with me after all. Megan even called me a couple of days later to check on me because she was worried.--- Now. That said. This office is calm, quiet, and professional. Everyone working there was very sweet natured, calm, caring, and they all seemed content to be there. Great senses of humor - the lot of them. They even have an in-house dental insurance plan to help you out with costs - this was an immediate savings for me, as I've held back on work that desperately needed doing (to my chagrin, I did this when pain was the constant that went with a dentistry appointment). I even immediately made an appointment for a few days after the cleaning to get a few fillings replaced, work done beautifully by Dr. Copeland. I never felt hurried. I felt welcome and at peace. This has become our new family dentist. I am extraordinarily lucky to have found them!
Tdot Lala
Tdot Lala
19:27 26 Jun 19
A cracked tooth brought me to Allen Family Dentistry last week. Dr. Copeland & Shellie put a crown on yesterday. Only A+ care & attention to my comfort came from this visit. The office also "gives back" to our community by mentoring high school students & letting them observe the procedures. Well done!
Vicki Robertson
Vicki Robertson
17:32 08 Oct 19
I’ve been a patient of Allen Family Dental in Bullard for going on 2 years. They have always been amazing and I love Dr. Allen and his entire office staff. Today I went for a cleaning with Adela, and she was the most gentle yet thorough hygienist I have ever had. She was amazing. Great experience!!! Thank you Dr. Allen for hiring such great people!! Y’all Are awesome!
Tricia Trammell
Tricia Trammell
20:39 12 Mar 20
Dr. Copeland, staff and the Allen family have always done an amazing job... They're always flexible with schedules and professional!!!
Keith Carpenter
Keith Carpenter
02:14 03 Apr 20
Dr. Copeland, staff and the Allen family have always done an amazing job... They're always flexible with schedules and professional!!!
Keith Carpenter
Keith Carpenter
02:14 03 Apr 20
Awesome experience!! Got in fast and they are so nice! Highly recommended
Tiffany Vercher
Tiffany Vercher
17:22 29 Sep 20
What a wonderful experience! I came in thinking I was going to have the worst teeth ever. They had the coolest and most advanced technology I have ever seen. I got my teeth cleaned in a flash by Megan. They were honest and didn't charge anything extra. Megan was the bees knees! The whole staff was friendly and I am a happy customer. Easy 5 out of 5 stars. Thank You Allen Family Dentistry. My new tooth brush is so awesome!
Steve Greenwood
Steve Greenwood
21:28 30 Sep 20
Wonderful Dentists and staff.Thank you for all you do.
Michelle Vespertino
Michelle Vespertino
16:59 15 Dec 20
Dr. Allen and his staff are truly second to none. They do not just care about their client’s teeth, they care about the people they serve.
Jes Moore
Jes Moore
20:14 15 Dec 20
The Allen Family Dentistry are awesome! They treat you like a part of their family! So pleasant and warm and very clean! They are very personal and they make sure you get the right treatment you need! I highly recommend this Dentistry!!
Linda Troxell
Linda Troxell
17:56 31 Dec 20
Very friendly service, feel the individual care, knowledgeable, great with children, modern and would recommend
marki mcavoy
marki mcavoy
21:57 04 Jan 21
If your looking for a family dentistry or just for you, call Allen Family Dentistry. Very knowledgeable & professional staff!
Brent Hammons
Brent Hammons
01:19 15 Jan 21
Excellent service ... Beautiful office with helpful friendly staff... hygienist was very knowledgeable and helpful. Dentist was knowledgeable and very good. I am going back in 6 months for another cleaning!!! If I have problems I don’t doubt they will know what to do, be kind about it and it can all be done in a day!!! (Like crowns). I highly recommend them!!!
Mary Kay Wright
Mary Kay Wright
23:06 10 Feb 21
Everyone at Allen Family Dentistry- Bullard is just wonderful. They have taken care of my whole family from cleanings to trauma care to fillings. The front staff, hygienists, as well as Dr. Copeland are just absolutely top notch, kind, knowledgeable, and empathic. I highly recommend them.
Denise Hazen
Denise Hazen
16:08 22 Feb 21
The most comprehensive new patient exam. they were able to scan my teeth into a computer. There's also a tv you can watch while they work on your teeth. Awesome experience!
Zac Terry
Zac Terry
15:33 30 Mar 21


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COVID-19/Coronavirus Patient Update

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Giving Back

Giving Back

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Mouth”Guard” Your Teeth

Mouth”Guard” Your Teeth

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Single Visit Crowns

Single Visit Crowns

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  For a patient who is missing one or more permanent teeth, our dentists may recommend dental implants. A dental implant is a restoration that replaces both the missing tooth and its root. A dental implant is made up of a titanium post, which fuses with the...

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