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Benefits of Dental Membership Plans

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Dental insurance can be a lifesaver and ease the cost burden of preventative dental care.

It comes in handy whenever you need a cavity filled or other procedure.

However, your policy may not cover as much as you like, leaving you stuck with quite a bill.

For those without insurance, the expense of any dental care might not be within budget.

A convenient and affordable alternative is our dental membership plan.

Dental membership plansThis link leads to the New Patients page can be either a substitution or in addition to insurance, helping you receive the care you need when you need it and at an affordable price.

If you’re deciding if a plan is right for you, check out the benefits of dental membership plans.

They might give you numerous reasons to smile (and beautifully, for that matter) when you see everything they provide!

Receive preventative care without a co-pay

Typically, insurance will only cover part of your preventative care, such as routine dental cleanings and examinations, leaving you responsible for the rest.

When you opt for a dental membership plan, you pay a monthly fixed rate and can visit us for your bi-yearly visit at no additional fee, eliminating one thing hindering you from seeing a dentist.

Benefit from dental treatments for less

Some dental insurance policies provide little to no coverage for periodontal disease treatment, dentures, or dental crowns.

And for many patients, dental implantsThis link leads to Dental Implants page are out of reach because insurance typically doesn’t scratch the surface of covering the total cost.

A dental membership plan covers a percentage of the cost of all these and more!

You’ve probably heard, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” In this case, though, it’s completely legit.

We’ve developed these plans with our patients in mind.

We knew our patients wanted regular checkups and a healthier smile, but insurance was getting in the way.

Our membership plans provide our patients with what they want and need.

Get discounts on cosmetic dental procedures

happy, professional woman smiling with a radiantly white smile

Good oral health should be a priority for everyone.

But some of our patients desire more; they want a smile they can show off to the world.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of our dental membership plans is patients can get cosmetic dental procedures for less.

Reap the rewards instantly

An insurance policy from your work tends to require a 60-to-90-day waiting period, and that’s not counting any hoops the company requires you to jump through.

You could develop gingivitis in that time because it may begin in as little as five days.

If you don’t remove the irritant from the gum line, gingivitis can progress into early periodontitis (gum disease) in two to three weeks.

As you can see, time matters when it comes to dental care.

A dental membership plan gives you instant benefits, so you can take advantage of your policy the same day you enroll.

Don’t worry about maximums

Have you ever read the fine print on your dental insurance? There’s a maximum.

Once you reach it, you’re cut off from your benefits, at least for that year. Then, you have to worry about the maximum lifetime allotment.

That doesn’t sound very fair, now does it?

Signing up for a dental membership plan means you don’t have to worry about how much you use it.

You can keep benefitting from it as much as you need this year and for the rest of your time as our patient.

Forget about denials

Let’s say you want a porcelain dental crown because it’s more aesthetically appealing. There isn’t any shame in that.

Insurance providers usually don’t feel the same way.

The provider will deny coverage for the treatment if it isn’t medically necessary and is more cosmetic.

They’ll let you know what crown you can have.

We feel it isn’t our place to tell you what you can and can’t have.

With a dental membership plan, you can choose for cosmetic reasons without fear of rejection from us!

Our job is to advise and help you attain the smile you desire, not dictate every treatment you receive.

No hidden fees

Did you ever have a physician or dentist send you a surprise bill? It’s certainly not a nice surprise.

These fees are often in the fine print of your insurance coverage welcome packet.

Most people simply skim their coverage packets, typically more than 100 pages of medical-speak, and fail to notice that some care has additional costs.

When you choose a dental membership plan, there are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get!

A final thought

The benefits of dental membership plans are immense and include many advantages not mentioned above.

Plus, at Allen Family DentistryThis link leads to Home page, we supply patients with options. You can customize a planThis link opens a new tab to the Dental Plan website that meets your needs and even add your partner and children for a reasonable price!

Sign up for a plan onlineThis link opens a new tab to the DentMenu website today. Or, book an appointment, and we’ll help you complete the process in person.


With three convenient locations in AthensThis link opens a new tab to Google Maps, PalestineThis link opens a new tab to Google Maps, and BullardThis link opens a new tab to Google Maps, our dental care is within reach for residents in those cities as well as those in the neighboring regions of Corsicana, Jacksonville, Terrell, Ennis, Seagoville, Balch Springs, Tyler, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Kilgore, and Longview.

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